Steady Decline in Baptisms in Norway

The number of church baptisms has the same declining trend as previous years. A total of 35 100 baptisms were held by the Church of Norway in 2014; 1 500 fewer than the year before. The proportion of baptisms to births was 59 per cent; a fall from 62 per cent in 2013. The proportion of baptism to births has fallen every year since 2008.

A total of 43 000 youths were confirmed by the Church of Norway in 2014. This number represents a slight increase compared to the previous year, and shows that 63 per cent of 15 year-olds still prefer a church confirmation. In 2014, the number of confirmations shows a slight increase. In spite of this rise, the proportion of 15 year-olds confirmed was 63 per cent in 2014; one percentage point lower compared to 2013.

A total of just below 6 million persons attended services held by the Church of Norway. On average, 93 attended each service; the same as the years before. A total of 63 000 services were held; about 980 fewer than the year before.

Figure 1. Church of Norway. Participants at church services

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