USA Makes Pressure on Norway about Anti-Nuclear Initiative

The international campaign against nuclear weapons, which now worries the US, started with a Norwegian initiative. Norwegian People’s Aid has an important role in the campaign. Moreover in Norwegian Parliament, there is a majority for a ban on nuclear weapons. Only the Conservatives and the Progress Party is clearly against such a ban.

However, the USA is not happy with Norway’s active role in the campaign and clear stance against nuclear weapons, according to NRK. USA authorities make clear to Norway that a Norwegian support to the campaign to ban nuclear weapons is in violation of Norway’s NATO membership.

Foreign Ministry today confirmed to NRK that they got this clear message from the United States.

– This is extremely rude. Norway has started an initiative against nuclear weapons. Then the USA is now rudely trying to put pressure on Norway to withdraw from the work, says Liv Tørres, Secretary General of Norwegian People’s Aid.

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