Women and Women’s Day in Norway from Good Old Days

Photo:Telemark Museum | An advertisement photo of a Norwegian company from 1930s. Well, the photo may have some gender stereotypes but probably it was not an issue in those days.

Photo:Oslo Museum | two lovely Norwegian ladies from 1920s

Photo:Brun, Johan / Norsk Folkemuseum | Hard working norwegian ladies at a post office in Lambertseter, Oslo in 1967

Photo:Olsen, Iver / Rørosmuseet | 3 ladies in a group photo from 1917.

Photo:Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum | Cover of a women’s fashion magazine, Kvinner og Klærs Strikkebok

Photo:Schrøder / Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum | another group photo of seven fine Norwegian ladies in traditional clothes from 1950

Photo:Sponland, Johannes / Stiftinga Sunnmøre Museum | These young Norwegian ladies from Ålesund took this group photo in 1920

Photo:Wilse, Anders Beer / Oslo Museum | And of course, Norwegian women can ski with appreciation of their male fellow as in the picture of this lady from 1930

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