Nearly 100 000 with Polish Background in Norway

At the beginning of 2015, there were 669 400 immigrants and 135 600 Norwegian-born to immigrant parents in Norway. These two groups have a background from 222 different countries and independent regions. Persons with an immigrant background from Poland make up the largest group in Norway with nearly 100 000.

The number of immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents grew by 45 800 in 2014, which is the lowest percentage growth since 2006. Immigrants accounted for 13 per cent of the total population in Norway as per 1 January 2015, while Norwegian-born to immigrant parents accounted for 2.6 per cent.

Most Polish immigrants

Immigrants from Poland are still the largest immigrant group in the country, with 91 000 persons. The growth in the Polish immigrant group during 2014 was 7 000. Poles now constitute nearly 14 per cent of immigrants in Norway.

The second largest group of immigrants are still Swedes, with 36 900 residents. Lithuanians are in third place with 35 900 persons; 3 000 more than the previous year.

Most Norwegian-born to Pakistani parents

In 2014, the number of Norwegian-born to immigrants parents increased by 9 500, from 126 100 to 135 600. Those with Pakistani parents made up the largest group of all Norwegian-born to immigrant parents, with 16 000. Norwegian-born to Somali parents were the second largest group (10 300) followed by those with parents from Iraq (8 700).

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