Norwegian Researcher: Love Life is More Difficult with Social Media

Nag conducted a series of in-depth interviews to reveal how teenagers use social media to flirt. The conclusion is that love life has become more difficult.

– It is too easy to flirt. The threshold for making contact is very low. You have many possibilities and it may be difficult to feel confident that you have met the best option. It may be harder to dedicate yourself properly to a relationship, says Nag to TV2.

The researcher also says there are several things you should not do on social media. One of them is to “like” old pictures.

Even if it is ok to do a background check there, to like old things shows that you go around and snoop, according to Nag.

– Many people find it helpful to know a lot about the person from an early stage. Social life has become so transparent in a way that everyone can follow who likes what, then this can create insecurity, says the researcher.

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