More Couples Keep Their Marriages in Norway

Since 2007, the number of divorces and separations has been quite stable, but has decreased somewhat every year. Compared to previous year, there were 200 fewer divorces and 100 fewer separations.

A total of 22 900 couples got married last year. This is a decrease of 500 compared to 2013. All of the three northern counties and Vestfold and Vest-Agder had an increase in the number of marriages compared to 2013, whilst all other counties had a decrease.

Same sex marriage

A total of 269 same-sex couples were married in 2014. Of these marriages, 106 were between two men and 163 between two women. The number of married same-sex couples has been stable, between 283 and 252, since the new marriages legislation was introduced in 2009. The share of marriages between two women has been in excess of 60 per cent.

In 2014, 78 same-sex couples were separated and 50 were divorced. Twenty-six partnerships were dissolved by separation and 35 partnerships were dissolved by divorce.

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