Fox News: Norway Inspired Movie Kills Masculinity in USA

Award winning animation movie Frozen, powerfully inspired by Norwegian nature and culture, attracted a lot of attention all over the world. In the film, a brave princess makes an epic journey to find her sister in an eternal winter. The musical movie won the Oscar for best animated film. 

But the movie did not make everyone happy. On Fox News program “Fox & Friends”, “Frost” was criticized for being dangerous for masculinity in the United States, reports the website The Daily Beast. 

Girls should not be heroes on films, argued on Fox News.

The conservative news channel reacts that there are girls, not boys, who starred in the film. 

“When we bring our daughters to see Frozen or whatever the movie is we often have our little boys sitting there. Is this message helpful? We want them to know that they’re essential. We want to raise heroes. We want to raise real men”, said Penny Young Nance, CEO of Concerned Women for America.

She reacts to Hollywood in general, not just Disney Norwegian inspired film “Frost”, paints a picture of men as stupid, who have only one thing to give to a family: A steady income, says she. 

– It would be nice if Hollywood could had more male characters in such films, agrees the broadcaster.

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