Inmates in Norway Prison Are not Happy with Breivik’s Conditions

A representative of the inmates told NRK that Breivik should use the same space with the other prisoners.

– He lives there having an entire unit for himself, while there are cutbacks for everyone else, the spokesman said.

Correctional Services on the other said the other prisoners do not get better service if the isolation of Breivik ceases. The prison has a seperate funding to deal with the terrorist convicted.

Since Breivik was imprisoned, he has not been visited by anyone other than his recently passed away mother.

He uses several rooms but has no contact with other inmates and does not take part in any community event in the prison. He has access to newspapers and television with game console. He does not have access to a PC, but have a typewriter available. 

Breivik was sentenced to 21 years in custody for the two terrorist attacks on 22 July 2011.

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