Norway Intelligence Service Warns against Increasing Right-wing Extremism

The Norwegian branch of the right-wing extremist group North Front has increased its propaganda and attempted to recruit more people. The group has offices in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, writes NRK.

Operations in Norway is increasing closely connected with the recent developments in Sweden, according to the Police Security Service, PST.

– There is reason to believe that there will be increased activity among extreme right groups in 2015. There are connections among extreme right groups in Northern Europe, says chief of PST, Benedicte Bjørnland.

The Swedish branch of the North Front, known as Motståndsrørslene is larger than the Norwegian branch and chaired by a convicted murderer neo-Nazi. PST is concerned that the Swedish group’s activity will have influences on Norway.

In November, Norwegian police had an operation in Rogaland against North Front sympathizers and seized weapons with North Front-stickers.

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