Norwegian Man Gives His Car for Free If You Want to Be His Private Driver

According to TV2’s report, Gjøen is no longer allowed to drive his 13 year old Mitsubishi Carisma because of his age.  So the 89-year-old put a newspaper ad to find a pleasant person who can undertake “job” as a private chauffeur for him and his wife Olga (89). 

“You may predispose my car free, by being my private chauffeur. You must stay near Skedsmokorset, be fresh, and do driving mission. average approximately 1 time pr. week. I participate in some Christian events and you should be present. Written agreement. “, writes the newspaper ad.

Talking to TV2, Gjøen says there will be a written agreement and  he will pay the entire car insurance, service and maintenance. 

-I pay for fuel when the wife and I are passengers, while the driver pays for gasoline when he uses the car on his own, says he.

He also says they are both active members of the mission house in Leirsund and they need to be there regularly in the evening or daytime. 

– I would probably say that it is an advantage if the driver is also interested to attend meetings, but there is no requirement.

The couple also has four children and their families, as they visit periodically.

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