48-year-old Woman Youngest to Have Died of Coronavirus in Norway

Two people in their 40s have died of corona-related causes. A 49 year old man in Oslo was confirmed dead. Now it is clear that the youngest person who have died of COVID-19 is a 48 year old woman.

Last Friday, the daily report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI) revealed that two deaths were registered in the group of 40 to 49 years. These were the first cases in this age group. It was also stated that it was a woman and a man.

The weekly report from FHI published on Tuesday shows that the youngest corona-related death in Norway is 48 years.

There is currently no further information on the 48-year-old woman, her course of illness or where she was admitted.

Here’s how the corona deaths in Norway spread by age, according to FHI:

40-49: 2 deaths
50-59: 6 deaths
60-69: 14 deaths
70-79: 47 deaths
80-89: 75 deaths
90+: 58 deaths

The oldest died was 104 years old. The average age of covid-19 deaths in Norway is 84 years, and 54 percent are men.

‘More and more’ young people are dying from coronavirus, World Health Organisation warns

Younger people are experiencing severe illness and dying from COVID-19, despite perceptions that the disease is only a threat to the elderly, the World Health Organisation has warned.

WP reported that young and middle-aged people, barely sick with covid-19, are dying of strokes in different countries.
Doctors sound alarm about patients in their 30s and 40s left debilitated or dead. Some didn’t even know they were infected.

The analyses suggest coronavirus patients are mostly experiencing the deadliest type of stroke. Known as large vessel occlusions, or LVOs, they can obliterate large parts of the brain responsible for movement, speech and decision-making in one blow because they are in the main blood-supplying arteries.

Many researchers suspect strokes in covid-19 patients may be a direct consequence of blood problems that are producing clots all over some people’s bodies.

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