Short Political Strike to Affect Life in Norway

Labor organizations LO, Unio and YS are going on strike to protest increasing Sunday work, overtime and temporary employment. The organizations having millions of members call for a political strike by putting down work between 14.00 and 16.00 on Wednesday afternoon.

Many wil be affected by the strike, which is expected to halt public transport. NSB and Flytoget (Airport Express Train) will stop between 15 and 16. In Oslo subway, tram and bus will stop between at 15.30 and 16. 

Also air traffic is expected to be delayed. Oslo Gardermoen airport reports that incoming planes are allowed to land, but there may be delays.

Avinor informs that the company does not have full control over the situation and warns travellers to take precautions by talking to the airlines.

Additionally, some kindergartens will be shut down during the strike, while some will stay open.

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