Animals on Three Farms May Have Mad Cow Disease

According to TV2’s report, four animals may have an increased risk of infection in addition to two confirmed infection in previous day.

The herds are located on four farms, one in Nord-Trøndelag, two in Sør-Trøndelag and one in Oppland. Authorities does not provide more detailed information about its exact location.

These animals are localized and are not moved from their herds before final diagnosis is clarified, writes Mattilsynets in a statement.

Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly known as mad cow disease, is a fatal neurodegenerative disease (encephalopathy) in cattle that causes a spongy degeneration in the brain and spinal cord. The disease may be most easily transmitted to human beings by eating food contaminated with the brain, spinal cord or digestive tract of infected carcasses.

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