Harassed TV Reporter Receives Support from all over Norway

Pegida movement (Patriotic Europeans towards Islamization of the West) organized a demonstration in Oslo on Monday following the far-right movements’ protests in Germany. The group consisted of former neo-Nazis, critics of Islam and halal opponents. Approximately 200 people showed up. While Kadafi Zaman was directly reporting for TV 2 Nyhetskanalen on the ground, a protestor verbally harassed Zaman, shouting him “Muslim bas***d” and threw burning cigarette at the Norwegian-Paksitani reporter. 

Reporter Zaman says that he has received massive support after the incident on TV.

– There have been massively supporting declarations. I’m completely overwhelmed. It also shows how little this environment is in Norway, Zaman said to TV2.

He also stated history shows that these kinds of groups do not last longer. There are internal grievances and disputes, and they dissolve quickly, Zaman said.

The Norwegian branch of Pegida has announced that they will carry out this type of demonstrations every Monday.

The terrorist attacks in Paris has led to increased attacks against Muslims. Over 50 attacks, including shootings, have been carried out against Muslims across France in less than a week.

The 54 assaults comprised of 21 cases of gunfire and grenade throwing at Islamic buildings, shops run by Muslim immigrants and 33 cases of threats, confirmed the French authorities .


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