Norway Intelligence Service: Threat against Norway Is Not Changed

The chief of the Police Security Service (PST) met the Norwegian press on Thursday to comment on the attack against the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo. She said there is no information linking actions in France to Norway or Norwegian interests. 

PST chief notes that they can not rule out a similar attack could happen in Norway, fearing of people coming from a homegrown extremist environment in Norway.

– We believe we have reasonably good control of those who have traveled to Syria and returned, but there may be individuals who may have an intention and capacity t ocarry out extremist actions, even if they did not participate in conflict in Syria, says Bjørnland.

She also points out the attack in France is an illustration that people visible in public debate, may be particularly vulnerable to this new type of terrorist attacks. 

– Precisely opinion makers such as journalists may be susceptible to terrorist attack. But we have no information about any such thing now, said Bjørnland.

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