Norway, UK and USA Calls for Negotiation in Sudan

The so-called troika countries (Norway, UK and USA) supports former President Thabo Mbeki and the African Union’s (AU High Level Implementation Panel, AUHIP) efforts to find a solution to the conflicts in Sudan, and in the work of a national dialogue.

AUHIPs “a process, two tracks” emerges as the best option to ensure coordinated ceasefire agreement for Darfur, South Kordofan and Blue Nile states. A ceasefire is a prerequisite for a broader discussion about the underlying causes of the conflicts in Sudan, political and economic reforms and a national network based on a broad and inclusive national dialogue, writes the press release from the Troika.

It is therefore very disappointing that peace negotiations lasted until December in Addis Ababa ended without a deal. We encourage all parties to return to the talks in January 2015 with a clear mandate to achieve peace. We are also greatly concerned over the arrests of members of the opposition and civil society after they came back to Khartoum from talks in Addis Ababa. Arrests do not contribute to achieving the goal of a comprehensive and inclusive national dialogue. We ask the Sudanese authorities to immediately release those imprisoned and help creating a climate for a real and credible national dialogue, writes the release.

Since independence of the country, tribal factionalism has routinely occurred. Top government positions in Juba were shared among men who had previously led opposing armies.

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