Norway to Increase Food Aid to Syria by 70 Million NOK

The lack of money is so precarious that United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) this week has suspended food assistance to 1.7 million refugees in Syria and neighboring countries. 

– Food shortage is critical. For many families, the support from the World Food Program is the only source of nutrition. The Government proposes to increase the Norwegian contribution by 70 million NOK, said Foreign Minister Berge Brende.

Over 12 million people in Syria and over 3 million Syrians fleeing are in acute distress and need help. WFP warns of further deterioration of the situation and has asked Norway and other donors for emergency contributions, so that assistance can be restarted as soon as possible. In light of this dramatic situation, Norway proposes to provide 70 million NOK for WFP’s work in Syria and neighboring countries.

– I am very concerned about the situation of Syrians, who undergo the most horrible suffering because of this senseless war. Several million Syrians have a desperate need for help, which will only increase as winter is approaching. The lack of relief not only leads to an even more critical humanitarian situation, but also to a further security challenge for the neighboring countries, says Brende.

The UN has suspended its main program for food assistance in Syria neighboring Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan, which mainly takes place by the distribution of coupons and prepaid cards to use for grocery shopping locally. WFP also warns that efforts inside Syria run out of funds very soon.

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