PST to Evict a Foregin Researcher in Norway for His Sensitive Research Topic

Head of PST, Arne Christian Haugstøyl said they decided to expel the researcher from Norway because they believe the research is serious violations of international agreements, writes TV2.

PST chief also noted that such cases are serious because it ultimately can lead to sanctioned countries to further develop its programs for weapons of mass destruction.

University of Agder confirms that PST has contacted them regarding the researcher and his research. 

Universities and colleges have a duty to prevent illegal transfer of knowledge, said the Ministry of Education earlier this year. Educational institutions should consider whether the research can be used in weapons programs in countries that are under international sanctions, wrote a press release from the Ministry.

On the other hand, the researcher finds the case completely incomprehensible, according to TV2. The researcher’s defendant says he works with completely open sources, collects the raw material he uses in research from fully open, accessible sources through research and university environments.


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