“Garbage Broker” in Norway Makes a Fortune

Half a million tonnes of household waste in Norway is exported to Sweden every year, because the cost of burning down garbage is lower in the neighbor country. TV2 has talked to the brokers who carries out this interesting import in Norway.

The company Rekom in Bergen works as a “garbage-broker”, buying your garbage and sell it to facilities in Norway or Sweden.

The company earns 350 Million NOK annually from this “big business.” 

Sweden’s Garbage “Problem”

Recycling in Sweden is described as a success story. Just four percent of household waste in the country goes into landfills. The rest winds up either recycled or used as fuel in waste-to-energy power plants.

Burning the garbage, Sweden generates 20 percent of its district heating, a system of distributing heat by pumping heated water into pipes through residential and commercial buildings. It also provides electricity for a quarter of a million homes.


But as they have more capacity than the production of waste, they import about eight hundred thousand tons of trash from the rest of Europe. The majority of the imported waste (Half million tons) comes from neighboring Norway.

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