Norway’s New Passports Attract International Interest

Last month, the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta and the design group The Metric System gave Norway’s currency, the kroner, a stunnigly new and unorthodox look. Following this move, Norway’s National Police Directorate has announced that it’s selected a new design for the nation’s passports. Oslo-based Neue Design Studio designed the passports.

– When the world’s best-equipped travelers take to the road, they will be carrying Neue-designed passports that bear a graphic, sharp, reductive depiction of a Norwegian landscape. It would be a shame to stamp over the scene of fjords with visas, wrote Citylab, featuring the new Norway passports with title of “Norway’s New Passports Are Designed to Make Every Other Country Feel Inferior”.

Under UV light, the landscape scene glows with the Northern Lights. On the face of the passport, the covers are simple, emblazoned with the national crest and some simple text. 

The passports come in three colors, according to the privileges that they bestow: red for citizen, blue for diplomatic, and white for immigrant.


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