Fewer Young Men Buy Sex

Low social acceptance can help to change attitudes toward buying sex in new generations of men, according to gender researcher Synnøve Jahnsen from Police Academy and the University of Bergen. 

In her research, Jahnsen has tried to find out who is buying sex in Norway. But she could not reach a concrete data except that most buyers are men, writes newspaper Bergens Tidende.

While buying sex might be previously seen as a natural part of a man’s sexual urge, there is a low social acceptance for sex buyers nowadays. This may help to change the attitudes of new generations of men, she says.

Vista Analyse had reached a similar result while surveying on the impact of sex buy ban earlier this year. One of the conclusions in the report was that demand has fallen since 2009.

– Our research has shown that especially fewer young Norwegian men and boys buy sex now, says economist and CEO of Vista Analysis, Ingeborg Rasmussen.

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