Progress Party Local Leader: Breivik Should Be Hung

On his own public Facebook profile head of Lenvik Progress Party, Tonni Nylund writes among other things: “Let’s get rid of this bastard once and for all! Let him be the exception that justifies the rule! Hang the bastard!! “, reports NRK.

– In my eyes it is completely wrong that  millions are spent on the terrorist who killed 77 innocent people. Actually we should just lock the door and throw the key. But I’m not for the death penalty, says Nylund to NRK.

After Tonni Nylund shared the status on Facebook on Thursday night, he received positive feedbacks.

Although he is now considering to delete the status, he is not afraid that it might have consequences for his political carrier.

Talknig to NRK, he says he is not afraid of the consequences, but there was so much fuss. “These things I have spoken about was individual, not on behalf of my party. This is my private opinion”, said he.

County leder for FrP in Troms, Geir Are Winther thinks it was an unwise statement. Winther tells to NRK that this is not part of their party policy.

The county manager will attempt to contact Nylund so they can talk about the case and learn more about the background of the statement.

22 July terrorist Anders Behring Breivik was a previous member of Progress Party youth branch. But the party’s spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Kristian Norheim had told The Nordic Page Breivik was a passive member and left the party because he could not find an ideological friend.


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