Norwegian School to Expel Cyberbullies from School

According to TV2’s report, Rennesøy skole principal has revealed serious cyberbullying on the site Ask. fm following tips from students. Principal Hege Wilhelmsen Kaada created a profile for herself and she was shocked by what students write to each other. 

– There are messages about appearance, and sexually assaulting messages. It is very sad to see that they can talk like to each other anonymously, she said to TV 2.

The principal takes the matter very seriously and will consider action against the students involved in online bullying.

– I do not know police procedures, but some of these comments is illegal. From our side, it may be a case of expulsion, says Kaada.

She has no knowledge of who the bullies are, but hope it can be identified in collaboration with the police. 

The principal immediately initiated an anti-bullying campaign where posters were hung throughout the school. She informed that she is now on and offensive messages is illegal. Furthermore, she urged students to respect each other.

About Ask.Fm is a notorious question-and-answer social networking site that has enjoyed an explosion in popularity among young teenagers all over the world during the past two years. 

Unlike sites such as Facebook and Twitter, bullying is easier for the bullies as the website has no privacy settings and so allows users, who may be naïve, susceptible teenagers and adolescents with little sense and more curiosity, to pose questions to each other anonymously. Because the website has become so popular, with over forty million users worldwide, the element of anonymity has allowed to become a haven for cyber bullies, who have the ability to target their victims online without the fear of ever being discovered. Most of the victims actually know their tormentors, who are usually frustrated schoolmates who are often online ‘friends’ with their victims on other sites such as Facebook, but reveal a more villain-ish side when on, where the option to conceal their identities is available, according to No Bullying website.

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