Norway Language Council Wants Nobel Peace Prize Cerememony in Norwegian

Language Council will send a letter to the Nobel Committee asking them to hold the Norwegian Peace Prize event in Norwegian instead of English, according to NRK’s report. 

Director of the Language Council, Arnfinn Muruvik Vonen reminds that former head of Nobel Committee Ole Danbolt Mjøs always held his speech in Norwegian.

– “Use Norwegian when you can and English when you need to.” This rule is good and essential for everyone, says Vonen to NRK.

The director of the Language Council believes that Norwegian is under increasingly stronger pressure of English, and it is important to have an active attitude to use Norwegian as the main language. He refers to the development within the higher education, where English is more and more used.

Secretary of the Nobel Committee, Geir Lundestad, says that it is not necessary to go back to using Norwegian at Peace Prize ceremonies. 

He emphasizes that the whole world is the target group of the event.

– The event has become ever more global, and there is increasing interest in the outside world. It is also much easier to honor the prize winner by talking directly to them in English, says Lundestad.

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