Kripos Took Action against Suspected in Snapchat Case

The addresses in Oslo and Lillestrøm are linked to the spread of large quantities of stolen pictures and movies, emphasizes Kripos on Saturday morning.

– Over the past day we have seen that the stolen pictures spread more frequently, and we have identified a number of IP addresses associated with the spread. Then we took action in two addresses on Friday night, said Eiliv Ofigsbø, head of the Department of technology and operational services at Kripto.

None has so far arrested or detained in the case, but their computer and all other electronic equipments has been seized, according to NTB.

Over 100,000 private photos, in part, of an intimate nature, from photo sharing app, Snapchat were leaked on the Internet and in other networks recently. A third-party program made it possible to save the images without consent of the images owners. Normally, the images taken with Snapchat are deleted in ten seconds.

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