Today’s Newspapers Headlines in Norway

Newly proposed state budget makes all headlines of the major Norwegian newspapers. Aftenposten is not exception. 

The newspaper’s headline is “Tax Reduction Eaten up By Maximum Price”

Aftenposten explains the possible impact of the new tax cuts with an atom family case: 

Katrine Bo and Magnus Thorud have neither wealth tax or surtax. The small tax reduction, the Government proposes disappears with higher maximum day-care in the new budget, writes the newspaper. 

The newspaper also presents climate, aid and disability spendings in the budget as disputable issues.


Dagsvavisen chooses a more sarcastic headline for the new state budget and tax cuts that help the richest most: “Celebration for elite! But how about most of the people, Siv (addressing Finance Minister Siv Jensen)?”, asks the newspaper.



Finance newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) focuses on the amount of the oil money used in the state budget proposal and the debates around it. 

The newspaper writes: “Intense battle for oil money”

Finance Minister Siv Jensen and her party (Progress Party) had to fight to get more use of oil money. Finally coalition partner and prime minster Erna Solberg and her party Conservatives had to agree, adds DN. 



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