Stronger Rights for People with Disabilities in Norway

– I am pleased that we now have a committee working to improve the rights of people with disabilities, said the children, Equality and Inclusion Minister Solveig Horne.

The minister further noted that there has been an improvement in the living conditions of persons with disabilities for the past 20 years. She emphasized that there are still challenges to take seriously in the areas of self-determination, rule of law, education, labor participation and health care.

Osmund Kaldheim will head the committee. He has extensive experience in public administration and policy work and is currently the city manager in Drammen.

– For further 80,000 developmentally, it is important that the government and a united parliamentary want to strengthen their rights and make proposals to ensure that goals and measures in the area contribute to achieving national goals. There are expert committee tasked with suggestions for this, says Kaldheim

The committee will submit its report by 1 June 2016.

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