WCC gets 2 million to Meet in Norway

Culture Minister Thorhild Widwey announced the news on Tuesday when she visited the World Council of Churches in Geneva.

– The central committee meeting of the World Council of Churches is a major ecumenical event where churches all over the world can come together and connect, says Culture Minister Thorhild Widwey.

The Central Committee is the WCC’s executive body. The Central Committee meets every two years, alternately in Geneva and in one of the member churches’ homeland.

Council of Norway will take place on 22 – 28 June 2016, with about 320 participants.

WCC was founded in 1948 and has Christian Unity objective. Among members of the WCC, there are different churches and denominations including Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Reformed, Methodist and numerous free churches.

The establishment had most most member from Europe and North America at the beginning, but this has changed. There are member churches from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Oceania. WCC represents more than 110 countries and 500 million Christians.

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