Norway Discusses to Introduce Euthanasia

Foreningen Retten til en verdig død strives to generate debate on the subject of euthanasia practice in Norway. The foundation claims 70 – 80 percent of Norwegians support self-determined life-ending for dying with unbearable suffering.

– Our purpose is that euthanasia through such a debate can be socially and ethically acceptable, thus creating a process that leads to euthanasia in one form or another can be legalized in Norway, says Ole Peder Kjeldstadli.

He also notes they want the law changed so that terminally ill people in the terminal phase, with great suffering and / or helplessness, should be able to get assistance to end their lives if they unequivocally wish and control criteria are addressed.

Talking to TV2, Kjeldstadli further advocated that the right to a dignified death should be introduced in the Constitution.

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