Parodi Nobel Prize Went to Norwegian Researchers

Ig Nobel Prize, a parody of the Nobel Prizes goes to scientists who have “done something that first makes people laugh, but then make them think”. 

Prizes are awarded in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace studies, health, engineering, art, Arctic research and economics.

This year the prize went for Arctic research by the Norwegian scientists Eigil Reimers and Sindre Eftestøl for a study they made on reindeers.

It is not the first time Norwegians receive an Ig Nobel Prize. The first victory went to Martha Kold Bakkevik from SINTEF for her discovery in 1995: It gets cold to walk around in wet underwear.

Here are this year’s other Ig Nobel winners

PHYSICS PRIZE [JAPAN]: Kiyoshi Mabuchi, Kensei Tanaka, Daichi Uchijima and Rina Sakai, for measuring the amount of friction between a shoe and a banana skin, and between a banana skin and the floor, When a person steps on a banana skin that’s on the floor.

Neuroscience PRIZE [Chine, CANADA]: Jiangang Liu, Jun Li, Lu Feng, Ling Li, Jie Tian, ??and Kang Lee, for trying to understand what happens in the brains of people who see the face of Jesus in a piece of toast.

PSYCHOLOGY PRIZE [AUSTRALIA, UK, USA]: Peter K. Jonason, Amy Jones, and Minna Lyons, for amassing evidence That people who habitually stay up late are, on average, more self-admiring, more manipulative, and more psychopathic than people who habitually Arise early in the morning.

PUBLIC HEALTH PRIZE [CZECH REPUBLIC, JAPAN, USA, INDIA]: Jaroslav Flegra, Jan HavlĂ­cek and Jitka Hanusova-Lindova, and to David Hanauer, Naren Ramakrishnan, Lisa Seyfried, for investigating Whether it is mentally hazardous for a human being to own a cat.

BIOLOGY PRIZE [CZECH REPUBLIC, Germany, ZAMBIA] Vlastimil Hart, Petra Mrs Nováková, Erich Pascal Malkemper, Sabine Begall, VladimĂ­r Hanzal, Miloš Ježek, Tomáš Kuster, Veronika Nemcová, Jana Adámkova, Katerina Benediktová, Jaroslav Cervený and Hynek Burda of care fully Documenting That When dogs defecate and urinate, They prefer to align Their body axis with Earth’s north-south geomagnetic field lines.

ART PRIZE [ITALY]: Marina de Tommaso, Michele Sardaro, and Paolo Livree, for measuring the relative pain people suffer while looking at an ugly painting, rather than a pretty painting, while being shot [in the hand] by a powerful laser beam .

ECONOMICS PRIZE [ITALY]: ISTAT – the Italian government’s National Institute of Statistics, for proudly taking the lead in fulfilling the European Union mandate for each country to Increase the official size of its national economy by includingsecurity Revenues from prostitution, illegal drug sales, smuggling , and all other Unlawful financial transactions between willing participants.

MEDICINE PRIZE [USA, INDIA]: Ian Humphreys, Sonal Saraiy, Walter Belenky and James Dworkin, for treating “uncontrollable” nosebleeds, overusing the method of nasal-packing-with-strips-of-cured-pork.

ARCTIC SCIENCE PRIZE [NORWAY, GERMANY]: Eigil Reimers and Sindre Eftestøl, for testing how reindeer react seeing to humans who are disguised as polar bears.

NUTRITION PRIZE [SPAIN]: Raquel Rubio, Anna JofrĂ©, BelĂ©n MartĂ­n, Teresa Aymerich, and Margarita Garriga, for Their study titled ” Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Infant Faeces as Potential Probiotic Starter Cultures for Fermented Sausages . “

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