Anti-Immigration Twitter Campaign in Norway Backfires

“If anyone has a personal experience story to share related to multicultural Norway, please contact us and one of our competent admins answers you.”, wrote the group’s twitter account.

The answers came quickly, but not exactly in the form NDL had envisioned. The overwhelming majority of the shared messages were brief stories about positive experiences involving immigrants.

“In last winter I got stuck with my car on a street car parking. Suddenly there was a black man and pushed the car behind 🙁 I got out”, writes one twitter user.

“An Iranian stuck me with a long syringe before she began to poke in one of my orifices. She is my dentist”, wrote another user.

“Jup, a Muslim neighbor defended me against a Christian man who insulted me because of my orientation!”, wrote @Homsegutta.

“Once I saw a very ethnic “new neighbor” messing with my mailbox. He was the new postman and a very nice guy”, wrote Anders Tangenes.

Almost there were no negative stories shared under the thread .

NRK asked in an e-mail to the administrators behind the Twitter account what they wanted to achieve with the campaign. The administrator accused the Norwegian media in response. He claimed the media never clarifies neither ethnicity or religion of the criminals.

– We are interested in stories that reveal what you refuse to write about, wrote NDL administrator to NRK.

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