Norwegian Researcher: Today’s Kids Are Nicer

Talking to Aftenposten, NOVA researcher says better relationship between families and children leads to well-behaved kids in today’s Norway. 

– These are children of parents who grew up in 70-80s and even a “rebel generation” toward more authoritarian parents. Today’s parents often have a close relationship with their children, with more authoritative than authoritarian upbringing – and adults and children speak together better, says he.

Also he think fathers’ more active participation in their children’s lives in recent years has a positive impact on this trend. 

– We also see that young people have become more nurturing, and hang out less than they did before. Now they can sit at home and play video games with friends, and have a lot of contact on social media, says he.

But being visible on social media may also increase the pressure to be successful.

This is something most young people now have to deal with, and many are the more vulnerable to criticism. Young people often compare themselves much with others, and this can enhance the sense of failure with “all eyes” on them, according to Bakken.

Moreover, Bakken notes almost a quarter of girls in 16-17 age feel great pressure in everyday life without a visible reason. So while behavioral problems among young goes down, many young feel that everyday is a struggle, says the researcher.



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