Norway Will Hold Donor Conference for Gaza

Invitations to the conference, to be held in Cairo, will be sent out as soon as it reached an agreement on permanent ceasefire in the ongoing negotiations in Cairo.

– The people of Gaza are suffering and there is urgency of immediate help. UN and NGOs are already underway including Norwegian support. Basic infrastructure needs to be repaired so that people get electricity, water and sewage, says Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende.

Efforts to survey the damage after the war in progress. The extent of damage is large and greater than after the assault of 2008-2009. This is the third time donors must contribute to the reconstruction of Gaza.

– Egypt and Norway will hold the conference to provide political support for a lasting ceasefire. Meanwhile, donors send a clear signal that the basic conditions in Gaza must change. Gaza can not be rebuilt as it was. The international community can not simply be expected to provide enough rebuilding, said the Foreign Minister.

– Gaza must be opened so that both people and goods can cross borders. The Palestinian fishermen must obtain fishing. Agricultural land must be cultivated. We must create economic growth, employment and the rise in living standards. At the same time the safety of the civilian population maintained both inside and outside of Gaza. Keeping a population trapped and starvation provides no security for Gaza’s neighbors, says Brende.





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