Countrywide Strike Leads to Chaos in Norway

New education year has started in Norway today. But in total 7700 teacher have been on strike since the beginning of this month. In some cities, strike-hit schools are totally closed, while others start partially with the teachers who are still working.

Neither the Ministry of Education, Education Federation or municipal organization KS have an overview of how students at these schools will be deal with, writes NRK.

For now, it is up to each school in each municipality to determine how the strike-affected schools should deal with.

Thus, students and parents check the websites or otherwise attempt to determine whether to meet up as planned or not.

65,000 students affected

5500 teachers has already laid down the work, while a further 2,200 teachers join in strike this week.

According to first calculations, as many as 65,000 students will be affected by the strike. In primary schools, this applies 37,774 students, while the number of secondary students is 26.456.

Prime Minister Solberg: I cannot do anything

Prime Minister Erna Solberg, during her visit to opening of a school in Oslo, says it is clear who is responsible for resolving the conflict and she cannot cancel it. 

– There is obviously a crisis of confidence between teachers and KS. But this is a legal strike, it means that the government can not cancel the strike unless there is danger to life and health, says Solberg.


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