Norway Increases Aid to Northern Iraq

Norwegian foreign Ministry increases its humanitarian aid by 50 million NOK to Iraq, said Foreign Minister Børge Brende.

Hundreds of thousands are forced to flee from the ISIS terror attacks in northern Iraq. UN Security Council indicates in a statement to that there is a systematic persecution of minority populations and muslim groups who refuse to submit to the extreme ideology ISIS and affiliated groups represent. 

– We are facing a very serious situation that the world can not sit idly and watch, says Foreign Minister Børge Brende and continues: – Norway shares the consternation that the UN Security Council has expressed over the situation. Norway condemns ISIS and affiliated groups’ actions strongly. The Security Council has pointed out that such a comprehensive and systematic persecution of minorities may constitute crimes against humanity. These must cease immediately and be subject to international scrutiny. 

The Security Council has urged the international community to get the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people to help to alleviate the suffering. Norway gave in June 60 million NOK in emergency aid to Iraq. 

– We will now increase the humanitarian assistance with another 50 million NOK, says Brende. Support is provided through the UN, the International Red Cross, Norwegian People’s Aid and other NGOs that have established a presence in Iraq and thus can get relief fast forward to those who need it most.

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