Mission Church in Norway to Deprive Women from Voting

Lekmannsmisjonen’s young members believe only men should vote on important issues, writes TV2.

Priest  Konrad Fjell (31) is one of those who believe that voting right should be reserved for men in the religious community.

– We do not disparage women’s thinking ability or cognitive skills. We believe that women and men are equal. However, the public exercise of pastoral and teaching responsibilities are reserved for man, he said to TV 2.

Fjell suggests that the two sexes are created for different tasks and different responsibilities. 

The priest also stressed that the restriction of voting for women is only in church and the proposal is not about women’s universal suffrage.

The church administration notes that the proposal of vote-denial for women have been promoted several times. More and more young members of the church now want only men to have voting rights based on biblical references.

– There is a clear guidance on what the Bible says about men and women’s roles and responsibilities in the church. This division is right on the basis of the Bible, Fjell said.

He also stated that young women in the mission agreed with the proposal and they do not view the proposal as problematic.

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