Scandinavian Neo-Nazis Make Norway Headquarter

Militant national socialist organization arranged the camp last week. The locals reacted to the camp. 

– They want to use Norwegian nature to promote their ideas, this is incredible offensive, says Elisabeth Skarsbø Moen to NRK.

The witnesses told to NRK that the participants were wearing t-shirts that read “Nasjonal Frigjøringskamp (National Liberation Combat) pictured on a gun. Several of them had Norse symbols, like Thor’s hammer, around the neck.

Haakon Eihwaz Forwald, head of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance, argued that the trip to Galdhøpiggen was just a regular mountain trip.

About the group

The Nordic Resistance Movement is an organization that wants to create a unified Nordic region under National Socialist rule. The organization was created in 1997 and was originally Swedish only (then known as The Swedish Resistance Movement), but now also exists in Finland, Norway and Denmark. Most of the founding members came from the now non-existent organization VAM (White Aryan Resistance) and from the youth organization National Youth; originally a part of the Sweden Democrat’s youth organization, SDU, but the members were excluded from SDU for being too militant and radical.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is particularly well known in Sweden, where they’re most established, for their activism. Among other things, members have attacked art exhibitions they deem immoral, eg an exhibition with photos of naked children having their genitals touched by adult men, and an exhibition with pictures of dead animals. The organization has also spread information about pedophiles to the general public. They also campaigned for the release of National Socialist Niklas Frost who allegedly got wrongfully convicted of attempted murder after having defended himself and his comrades against attacking members from the Anti-Fascist Action (AFA).


Source: NRK/Knightstemplareurope

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