Danish Intelligence Chief: Norway Police Handling Terror Threat Makes Terrorist Win

Bonnichsen is skeptical of how Norway has handled terrorist threat, and believes that the terrorists have already won in Norway because people are terrorized and concerned, according to NRK’s report.

Talking to Danish newspaper Berlingske, former intelligence chief says this method of handling has already put Norway in shock and alarm condition. It helps the main aim of the terrorists, namely spreading fear among their targets.

– The only reason why Norwegian police acted this way may be the national tragedy Norway experienced three years ago. Otherwise it makes no sense. Similar threats are reality in all countries, and intelligence services are responsible for managing them. They simply have chosen to make the people feel concerned, said Bonnichsen.

Bonnichsen also suggests that “employees of Norwegian Police Intelligence service (PST) are under relentless pressure” for harsh criticism in the 22 July attacks, and it may explain the non-traditional management of terror threat.




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