Norway Police Keeps Security Level High, Uncertainty Continues

On Thursday, Norwegian police security service (PST) informed that the country is threatened by people associated with an extreme group in Syria. The security level has been incread to highest level. During the press meeting held on Friday morning, the police announced they keep the same security level and asked people to contact them if they see any suspicious people.

But the lack of information about by whom, where and how the attack will be carried out creates uncertainty among the population. On social media rumors about specific goals and the number of terrorists have already started , but the PST says people should trust the government and police information.

– We still do not know what the threat is. It is not time or location specific and we have very little information about the people and their objectives. We shall now show that we are on high alert, so that those who have evil intentions will know it, and the response time is much shorter, said police director Odd Reidar HumlegĂĄrd.

There will still be an increased presence of uniformed and civilian police through the weekend.

HumlegĂĄrd notes there is reason to take this situation seriously, but ask people to live normally and adhere to the advice that comes from the police and authorities.

The police director also warned against speculations on both social media and mainstream media about the dates and place of the possible attack.



Church SOS Hotline is Busy

The ambiguity of the situation makes people concerned in Norway. Directorate of Health Crisis writes that the country’s health professionals are put on alert.

Also Church’s SOS hotlines experience an increase in inquiries after the terrorist message came over a day ago, writes TV2.

– There has been a tangible increase in connection with the terrorist threat. There are many who are afraid and feel alone. It is difficult for people to cope with uncertainty, says Secretary General of SOS Church, says Janne Stukka to TV 2




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