Norway Police Warn People against Terror Rumors on Social Media

After the terrorist threat against Norway has been abnnounced by PST on Thursday morning, rumors about a possible attack spread on social media. There are several commonly shared messages that are claimed to be written by family members of PST workers, according to TV2.

In a message that is spreading on both Facebook and text messages, it is said that the threat to Norway is greater than what the government says, and it mentioned specific targets in eastern Norway.

PST officials denied the credibility of the information warned people to be critical of all information on social media, as long as they are not provided by the official sources.

Measures are still in place

Oslo police announced that there is still high alert of security in the capital. Police continue the same measures as yesterday, and there will be both civilian and uniformed police units around the city. Moreover, security has been tightened around the royal family’s house in Oslo. The royal family castle tour has been stopped until a second notice. Despite the cauitous measures, officials encourage people to continue their normal lives.





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