Who is Behind the Terror Threat against Norway?

Terrorism researcher at Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Atle Mesøy says to NRK that it is not likely that the leaders of major terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda or ISIL plan an attack against Norway. Probably a small group with ties to Norway can take such an action, he says.

Also, journalist and intelligence-security specialist Kjetil Stormark thinks people linked to Norway is behind the threat.

Talking to NRK, Stormark points out there are two organizations in Syria that can theoretically be linked to the specific threat against Norway.

– It is ISIL and Al-Nusret. But the central management of these terrorist groups would consider other countries as more relevant targets than Norway, so this hardly comes from top management. It probably arises from a group with ties to Norway. People who have a personal revenge. Someone who wants Norway to get a lesson, says the journalist who runs the website Hate Speech International.

According to Norwegian Police Intelligence Service (PST), around 50 Norwegians have traveled to Syria to join the civil war there. PST feared they would return home with increased knowledge of weapons, combat training and lower the threshold for violence.



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