Terror Plan Measures All over Norway

There are thousands of police on several key intersections in central Norway. In addition, assessments are continuously done to deal with the upcoming Norway Cup organization and major companies such as Statoil.

Airports, ports and train stations are secured

Particularly three major airports, Gardermoen, Rygge and Torp are secured. But the increased security level will be felt across the country.

Many also travel to and from Norway by sea. Oslo harbor where the ferries from Denmark arrive is one of the public areas where the presence of police has increased. 

Security is also tightened at the border. Norwegian military and police will cooperate to ensure security at the borders. 

You will also notice increased police presence along the major access roads to Oslo.

One of the possible targets, according to Norwegian terror experts, is the state-owned energy giant Statoil. 

– We are following the situation closely and continuously assessing measures, says head of information at Statoil, Knut Rostad to TV 2.


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