Støre: This is a Day to Celebrate Diversity in Norway

22 July will forever be a day where we can highlight diversity, said Labour Party leader Støre in Oslo Cathedral.

– Three years later, we see more clearly what happened in the days and weeks after the terror. It was the time for Norway to open its doors. Three years ago, surrounded by an ocean of flowers, Oslo Cathedral opened its doors to everyone. But most importantly,people did the same thing. We opened the doors to ourselves, said Støre in his speech.

He also pointed to the future and called for unity and tolerance.

– 22 July will forever be a day where we can highlight diversity. In our country you will be safe in your faith, your cultural identity and your orientation. It is what makes Norway, said he.

Pedersen: Racism is back

One of the symbolic figures of 22 July, Labor Party Youth Organization (AUF) leader Eskil Pedersen also made a speech during the commemoration. Pedersen emphasized that the Norwegian society can not be silent in the face of xenophobic attitudes. 

– Those innocent people lost their lives. Many of us can not imagine what it was like to experience the terror there. We share a common destiny, that terror reached us where we thought we were safe, says Pedersen.

He also emphasized that we must learn from what happened to prevent such a thing happening again.

– Three years later racism back. Extreme right parties win election in the countries around us. When a 15 year old Muslim boy drowned a few weeks ago, people cheered with the full name on social media that Norway has one less Muslim, says Pedersen.

The Norwegian society can not be silent in the face of such attitudes. We must use our vote to win over the ideas that have destroyed mankind so many times before. We must win the acceptance of something as obvious as that human dignity is inviolable. If we do, it will be a firewall against hatred flames, added he.

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