Norwegians Become Less Social in 40 Years

From 1970 to 2010, Norwegians have gained one more hour leisure time every day, but less of free time has been used for social compliance with friends, family or neighbors, being social, according to the latest figures from Statistics Norway. 

Compared to 1990, the time Norwegians use to be social has reduced by 40 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes. In particular, the time spent on gathering on Sundays has greatly reduced, writes NRK. 

Social scientist and assistant professor at Østfold University College, Geir Conrad Tufte confirms this trend. 

– We have an expression called “bowling alone.” You are more alone, not together with colleagues in the same way anymore, says he to NRK. 

He believes many of us feel a pressure to perform and we spend a lot of time on ourselves and do not have time to be social. 

– There is a danger that the fundamental glue that unity, closeness and contact, is beginning to unravel, according to Tufte.


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