Young Man in Norway Eats His Tarantula

On the afternoon of 24 May, Karle Johan Dahl came to his apartment in Porsgrunn. There he found his six year old tarantella “Cartman” death.

Dahl was initially unsure of what to do with his spider. Then he went to the town center with his friends. While 21-year-old talks with his friends, he decided to arrange a special funeral by eating the dead body of “Cartman”.

His comrades turned on the camera and recorded Dahl’s cheering and swallowing the tarantula with a sip of beer.


Talking to TV2, Dahl says it tasted absolutely terrible and it should have been grilled first.

After the video is publicized, young pet owner receives reactions from both his Facebook friends and pet lovers.

 He says he has received a lot of harsh feedback including hate speech, and many wonder if he is insane.

But he says he is not resentful for what he did. 

– Eaten is eaten. I see this as a dignified burial. And now the “Cartman” well be with me forever, says he to TV2.

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