A Family in Norway Lends Their House, Cars and Holiday Package for Free

Last weekend, Kristine Åsbø got an idea. she asked her husband what if they lend their house and car to a family who cannot afford to go to holiday, when they are on vacation in summer. Her husband Åge Åsbø liked the idea and the family shared the generous proposal on their facebook page. Afterward, the message was shared by 20.000 others.

– There has been a tremendous response, and I have lost count of how many people have contacted me after the facebook notice. There are dozens of powerful stories, and I have a big job ahead of me to read all the stories and choose one. Unfortunately, I can only help one family, then it becomes a difficult job to choose the one, says Åsbø to Aftenbladet.

Åsbø says they have seen there are many who have a tough life, and they want to reach out and make a difference for some of them. she also notes that it will be a lesson for their children. 

– We want to teach our children the value of charity, and it is a lesson that can not be bought for money, says Kristine Åsbø.

She also hopes that others are inspired by what she and the rest of the family do.

The family has received a lot of feedback from suspicious people. But they express that they have faith in the goodness of people. It’s a chance to take, but there are many who are honest, and we have confidence that those who get the opportunity for the free vacation offer is trustworthy, says Åsbø.

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