Private Hospital in Norway Causes Controversy with Breast Simulator

Through the website of the private hospital, Teres Medical Norge, people can test how their body will look after a breast augmentation. There is no age limit for the use of simulation, writes Nordlys.

Reactions to the service is fierce among both politicians and activists. Labor politician and feminist Ragni Løkholm Ramberg calls simulation “sad” and “alarming”.

– Plastic surgery has become normalized. it is too hard to be “good enough” for especially young people. It’s expected more than just “good enough”, you better be the best, says Ramberg.

Ramberg furthers says she is convinced that the point of the simulator is to lower the threshold for plastic surgery. She notes that this application opens the path to uncontrolled urge for plastic surgergy without professional advice, control  or supervision of any way.

The clinic CEO Erik Grefberg said they were prepared for criticism of the simulator, but that they “want people to get as prepared as possible before booking consultation with us.”

– The simulator is very user friendly and intuitive. One can easily check how to look if they have larger breasts, he said to TV 2

Teres Medical Norge makes around 9,000 plastic surgeries annually. Around half of these are breast augmentation. The chain has clinics 11 different locations in Norway.

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