Russian Media: Norwegian Writer May Be Dismissed for Having Supported Moscow

European journalists and writers who support the Russian position vis-à-vis the events in Ukraine suffer strong pressure from the authorities and can not express their views in the media, writes Izvestia on Wednesday.

University employees may be dismissed, or expelled from the writers’ organizations and grants for articles criticizing the position of the EU and some European countries towards Russia, claims the newspaper. 

Norwegian historian and political scientist Bjorn Nistad agreed on persecution claims.

Nistad previosuly called the Norwegian authorities not to recognize the legitimacy of the new Ukrainian government and the president and he harshly criticized the recent military operation against the Russian groups in some Ukraian cities.

“Western countries should recall their ambassadors from Kiev to protest against the punitive operation against civilians in eastern Ukraine. I am shocked by the support of the massacre by Western governments, including Norwegian government” Nistad said to Russian Rianovosti.

“Freedom of expression is a value advocated by Europe. But if you publish an article in a magazine criticizing the policy of the European authorities, you will be punished, suggests Nistad.

As a specialist in the history of Russia, Bjorn Nistad fears of persecution after his controversial statements. He claims Norwegian newspapers refuse to publish his views, “because they are afraid to be in conflict with the authorities.

Asks Help from Oligarks

Nistad is afraid he could remain without livelihood after this case, and can be excluded from the organization of writers and deprived of his only source of income – government grants for his research.

Bjørn Nistad intends to seek help from Russian organizations and oligarks. He hopes an oligarch or an organization in Russia could finance the publication of his book “on fascism and extreme nationalism in contemporary Ukraine.”

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