Farmers of Norway March in Oslo

From 13.00, the farmers mounted a procession through central Oslo to the  parliament building (Stortinget) in protest at the size of the government’s proposed increase to the subsidies. 

The government last week had decided to limit the increase to subsidies to 150 million NOK, a 10th of what farmers demanded. 

A living statue supports the protest by holding the banner showing the picture of prime minister Solberg, finance minister Jensen and minister of agriculture food Listhaug with taped mouth.

A banner writing “Norwegian food, -yes thank you!!”

Protestors from all over the country gathered in Oslo. 

The protestors carrying banner with the picture of  prime minister Solberg, finance minister Jensen and minister of agriculture food Listhaug with a message “Danger!”

The protestors carried the banner of slogans and cartoons satirizing the farming policy of the government. 

The long march of the protestors ended in front of the parliement building.

A banner writing “Norway needs the farmer”.

The protestors gathered in front of the parliement (Stortinget) by chanting.

A group of protestors distributed free eggs to the bystanders. A banner (on left) writes “Free egg from Sweden”

The egg distirbution ended up with a small accident. A cartoon of egg was broken.

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