Norway May Introduce a Total Ban on Selling Sex

Prostitution debate I’d heated in Norway with the proposal of a district attorney on Monday.

Talking to Norwegian TV2, Christoffersen emphasizes the necessity of the ban on the buying and selling of sexual services.

-It is absolutely necessary to protect disadvantaged women and children from being exploited for prostitution. But it is also important to avoid prosecuting women and minors who are forced into human trafficking and forced into prostitution, says Christoffersen.

He further stressed that the current sex-purchase law has no intimidating effect on the international criminal networks operating in Norway and other countries.

– There is a huge number of women and children being recruited and exploited for prostitution every year. If we want effective protection of these, I think the way to do it is a total prohibition of the sale of sexual services, says he.

Justice Department does not comment on the proposal until the evaluation of sex-purchase law, which will be presented this summer.

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